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Plastic Ties

Plastic ties provider Shipmaster is the leader in plastic ties products. We offer the most advanced plastic ties and other packaging products to our customers. Call to order your plastic ties now: 800-342-5113. Or request a Plastic ties brochure. Plastic ties may be the perfect solution for you or someone you know.

Plastic and wire ties supplier Shipmaster, offers the most economical way of sealing off your materials to protect your shipments from water, dust and dirt. Our ties are an easy way to secure packaging, within seconds to be shipped to a destination, and our ties can not be removed with out being cut.

plastic ties

Wire Ties and twister tool

Our wire ties are a tamper resistant method for closing shipmaster containers or any type of plastic bag. Strong and dependable wire ties secure your package within seconds by pulling the handle of this heavy-duty ratchet spring twister tool. Available in bunches of 5,000 4 length. Click here to order wire ties!

Plastic Ties

Economical and a durable way to secure your packages with no tools needed. Available in 7. 8 and 11 lengths. In both Natural and colors. Click here to order plastic ties!

There are many different types of plastic ties out there today. Our ties are useful from sealing merchandise to leaves in a bag. Some plastic ties are used to tie up cables; some to keep trash bags closed. Some cables are made out of stainless steel providing extra strong and durable bundling solutions for application in severe environmental conditions. Some ties come in a sheet and you tear one from the other. They even have flame retardant and Velcro R ties that are reusable. Ties come in many different colors, yellow, red or your traditional neutral or black. Anyway you look at it Shipmaster ties provide durable protection and work great as a seal.

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